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Monday, April 03, 2006

Where did my hour go?

Well, its late. I hate daylight savings. I think its stupid. But thats just me.

Well, it is officially monday which means it is Joe's Birthday. (my baby's daddy for anyone new in town).
Happy Birthday JOE!!!

We are going to have a nice steak dinner at my mom's and do presents and stuff. Of course i am shopping tomorrow (well, ok technically later today) for his present, but i have had it picked out for a while, i just havent had time to go buy it.

I also have to babysit for an hour while my mom goes to the eye doctor. (its her day on Mondays since i work a double on sundays). And sometime tomorrow and tuesday i have to finish studying for my two tests this week on tue and wed nite. Arghh...So much to do and so little time.

Maybe i am just bad at managing my time. I know i am a crappy housewife- my house never looks anything remotely close to my mom's. Even when we were little, the house was spotless. I wish i could take some of my compulsive picking problem and turn it into a compulsive cleaning problem.. At least it would be a productive compulsive problem. Oh and about that compulsive problem i have: the counslers at the center at my school have decided that they cant help me and instead referred me to the psychiatrist. (did i spell that right? its late, i dunno). And he is such a busy man, he will either just prescribe me something and probably never see me again or tell me he cant help me and then i will be right back where i started. With a problem I dont know how to fix.

Anyway. Back to managing time. I cant seem to figure out how to be better at it. I mean, i get done what must be done, but i wish i wasnt rushing around finishing everything at the last damn minute all the time. Number one goal for now: Figure time out. :)


Happy 27th birthday to the man i love. :)

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