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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

waking up

Well, me and logan's schedules are all sorts of out of whack. We woke up today at 11. Again. I have been putting him in bed by 830 every night. And every night he talks to himself until around 1030. Used to be, he would still wake up around 9-ish. Which was fine with me. but then he stared sleeping in. And he's my alarm clock, since as you all know i cant sleep, so of course, i am very tired in the mornings and trying to catch up on my sleep. So tonite, he took a very late nap (430-510) and then his daddy hadnt put him to bed when i got home from school around 830. And he didnt eat dinner for him, so i found some food he would eat, bathed him and he went to bed at 1030. And fell asleep about 40 minutes later. I have my alarm set for 9 am tomorrow. We are both getting up early. (i hope to slowly make the time earlier and earlier to at least 8am). We will probably both be cranky too. And i know from past experience, he will try to go back to the schedule he's on by taking an incredibly long nap so i plan to wake him up after 1 1/2 hours tomorrow. what fun this will all be. I have to say, even tho he doesnt go righ to sleep, he will walk into his room when i tell him its nite nite time and he doesnt freak, even tho he's awake, alone, in the dark for 2 hours. So its not really that bad, i just want our old schedule back. Wish me luck!!

I got to go shopping today with the gift card my sister got me for jc pennys. I bought myself 2 new purses. i am so excited. But it did make me really want to go on a major shopping spree. I am one of those women who only go shoppping like maybe once a year, if that. So when i get the urge, that should tell you: ITs been a LONG time. Like i dont remember the last time. So i am setting aside 10-20 a week of my tip money for the next few weeks so i can go SHOPPING!! i cant wait. Oh and joe bought be diamond earrings set in white gold for my bday. This man doesnt buy jewelry like ever so that was pretty damn cool. they are so pretty. Small, dainty and simple, which is what i like in jewelry. Anyway, my nitey-nite meds are finally starting to work, so i am off to bed. Sorry if this post was all over the place, but i think they usually are. Maybe this summer when i only have 1 class, i will be able to actually structure this blog thing a little better. We'll see.

Sweet Dreams all!

these are close to the type of earrings he got me. arent they pretty? ;)

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