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Thursday, April 13, 2006


I posted a while back about this, but lately I have been thinking its time to rehash this topic.
ALso found another article here.

Ok, people:

When you go out to eat, it is customary to tip your server.(duh) 15-20% is the norm for good service.
(for those of you who have trouble with math, just move the decimal point over one place for 10%. to leave 20% just double that number. For 15% - its 1/2 way between 10 & 20. for example: your bill is $22.65
10% is $2.26; so 20%: 2 x 2.26= $4.52 and 15% would be (2.26 divided by 2=1.13) so: 2.26+1.13=$3.39 ) or go here

Telling your server she did a great job, but leaving a dollar on the table isnt very nice. Servers live on tips. We make below minimum wage and arent usually offered any sort of benefits or insurance. so we need to make money to survive. many of us are putting ourselves thru college, or are working part time to help support our families.

Remember you are not the server's only table. She has many customers besides you and sometimes you have to wait.

Dont exaggerate how long you have been waiting. It is impossible for your food to have taken an hour, when you werent even on the waiting list an hour ago. And look around- is the restaurant completely full? Is there a wait? Chances are the kitchen is pretty backed up. And your food will take a little longer than normal. If you have a good server, she will let you know this ahead of time and you should understand. If she doesnt, use your common sense. There is nothing the server can do to make your food come out of the kitchen faster.
if you are going to be a pain in the ass (as one of my customers this past sunday) and complain to the management about how long you think your food is taking and they go into the kitchen themselves to cook it for you to shut you up, dont walkout as the server gets to your table with your food. Now you have proven what an asshole you are and get no food for it just wasted everyone's time and cost the server money. She could have been focusing on her other tables, or seating someone where you were in the meantime)

We are not put on this planet to serve you. You could be eating at home. You have manners at home: Use them in public. Just because you have had crappy service before doesnt mean every server is crappy. Give each individual a chance to prove themselves competent. If you cant be nice in public, stay home.

If you cant afford to tip, please dont go out to eat, or get take out.

If your kids are running amok, please do something about it. I do not feel like tripping over your child and spilling an entire tray of food or drinks all over the little squirt because you dont know how to parent. if your kid is screaming like a banchee, take them outside to calm them down. If they wont calm down, then get it to go. Other people are trying to eat as well. (and yes, i have a son and have had to do just that. Suck it up people, parenting can be hell sometimes)

If your server comes to the table to see what you need and if everything is ok, tell them what you need. and try to tell them everything at once. again- you are not their only table and sending them on 7 consecutive trips for crap can cut into their service of their other tables. Or if you insist on 7 different trips, understand that by the 5th or 6th, they might not be able to come immediately back to your table, as they have drinks and food to get for other tables. And if something is wrong with your order, if you dont tell the waitress, she cant fix it. If your fries arent hot, tell her. She isnt going to touch your food before she serves it to be sure everything is hot. She has to trust that her cooks gave you the fries hot or that you will tell her otherwise. Complaining after you have eaten everything and after she has asked you how everything was is not nice. I would be inclined to tell you tough shit, but i dont do that. But c'mon. why not tell her so she can fix it right off the bat?

When your food is not right, think about it before blaming the server. Yes, sometimes it is things they should have caught. But sometimes, when for example your burger is burned: I might have seen this, but my idiot manager says i have to serve it to you and wait for youto complain before he will make a new one. Stupid? yes, i know, but i have to do it. Also, i cant see inside your steak, so i dont know if its cooked the way you like. You have to tell me when i ask. I will gladly fix any mistake as quickly as i can. i didnt cook your food. I only serve it. remember that when tipping time comes along.

Tip nicely. I think everyone should have to be a server so they can understand what its like. Tipping 10$ might sound nice, but if the bill is $100 then the tip should be more like 15-20$ if the service was good. Also, if your bill is pretty low, then try to think at least a dollar or two per person minimum. If you have a party of 6, and a bill of 25$, you should leave at least 6$. Those people who ate cheaply, ordered kids plates or shared plates still had needs the server had to fill. Drinks to refill, ect. Just cuz they were able to save on the food costs doesnt mean you should skimp on the tip.

Dont ask for free crap. Dont use the reasoning that because some other server "hooked you up" i should too. You are not worth me losing my job over. I am sorry: rules are rules and just cuz some people are willing to break them, doesnt mean i should be penalized at tip time for following protocol. And if for some reason, you get a discount, or even a free meal: you should still tip on the original amount of the food. The server still served you and still deserves a good tip.

That is all for now. PLEASE pass this on. From experience, i know too many people are not aware of this. Or if they are, they are just ignoring it and being rude on purpose.

Here's a fun site too. A nice glimpse into the everyday life of a waiter. Waiterrant!

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