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Saturday, April 08, 2006

staying up late is 326am. I just finished putting Logan back to bed. He woke up, not hysterrically like he has been, but just up at around 245. I was already up...I was up late playing video games, something i havent done in months. So it would figure that i get interrupted. But i was getting ready to call it quits for the night anyway. I am now waiting to make sure logan is asleep before going to bed and turning on the monitor. (yes i still use a monitor. he is my alarm clock, and i have tested it: i cannot hear him from my room when i am sleeping).

ANywho: he woke up completely and totally soaked. And so were his sheets. So i couldnt just change him and his clothes. I had to change his bed. So i brought him into the den and laid him on the couch hoping he would stay all sleepy...well he didnt. He grabbed my pen from my work-apron and a piece of paper and started coloring. Oh i changed the sheets, colored with him for a few minutes and then i caved and without even bothering to try with out it, i got him a bottle of water. It just gaurantees that he will go to sleep w/o any fuss. And since it's late, and i am sick, i just didnt care today. And see...its still quiet from his bedroom. I am gonna give another few minutes to be sure (and to finish this post) and then i think i will finally retire my self.

So my mom decided we needed to talk after the most recent revelations about my relationships with Joe. SO she had both my sisters come over too (after we went out to lunch) and we talked. They are all handling this much better than i thought they would. No one is mad at joe or saying anything too harsh. And they ALL think i should just move back in with my parents for a few months to 1-save money and 2-wait to see what happens with me and joe. Why have both of us sign leases if we end up working things out. Because, remember this isnt final. we are just not living together anymore...We will be single, but not all the way..sorta.. i dunno. its weird. I do not want to live with my parents. ya we get along and ya its cheaper and ya its free, onhand babysitting...but its my parents house. I always felt like you can never go back. it will suck. and i dont want to burden everyone more than i am already. i am already going back to school and trying to finish so that means everyone is babysitting while i am in class...and then they want me to move in? Are they insane? they say its so i can finish school, and get a "real" job that actually pays more than diddly-squat and get my self somewhere nice. Dont get me wrong..if it comes down to it, i will go there. I am very lucky to have a supportive family and parents that can help me out. I know that. But i wanna do it by myself. i think i understand logan a bit better now and how he wants to do things by himself. :) Well...thats all for now...i have heard a few wimpers from the kid's room, but i think he's going down for the count.

So what do you all think?

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