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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Well, this semester is almost over and i think i have done good in all my classes. I have to say, i am pretty proud of the type of student i have become. (especially when compared to the type of student i used to be). I need more time-management skills as far as getting my work & reading done ahead of time, but thats something i am still working on. I have always been a procrastinator in life and it takes time to break old habits.

I am in the process of registering for the next few semesters and it is so frustrating. I had a tentative schedule all planned out, but i need to know from my family if it was do-able (because of babysitting and such), well they said to go for it, and now 2 of the classes are closed and one is giving me some prerequisite error. Damn it. SOOO...that means i was only able to register for 5 out of 7 classes and i still need to go to the community college and register for the language class. (i have decided to take the language requirement at the community level and just transfer it over b/c its way closer to where i live and the classes will be smaller)... Anywho, its just getting stressful figuring this all out. its my minor thats giving me all the hell. Why in the world did i pick Mass communication as a minor??? Oh ya, because at some point in my early college career, i thought it would be fun major, so i took all the prereqs for it. So that just made it an easy choice for a minor. but i am so not as interested in it as i used to be, that it makes selecting classes difficult. I mean, its interesting, and probably useful, but not what i want to do.

I am beginning to worry about what i will actually use my degree for. It's sorta scary. Its a liberal arts degree with 2 areas of study (art [computer graphics mainly] and behaviorial sciences) and a minor (mass comm). Not very specialized, ya know? i know many people get jobs that arent specific to their degrees, and i am confident i could learn and adapt quickly to whatever job i get, i just worry that i will be falsely advertising my skills to a potential employer and get in over my head. Thats a justifiable worry isnt it? My dad suggested i start looking in the want ads to see whats out there now to get an idea of what to expect, and i will start doing that tomorrow when i go to their house (i dont get the paper)...

I was never one of those kids who grew up knowing exactly what it was they wanted to do. There were (and still are) many career paths in this world i find interesting and think i would enjoy. the only thing i have ever really wanted to do specifically was work with animals. I would be happy being a zoologist (but they make like no money), being a vet (a regular town vet or a specialized one for large animals to work at a zoo, or marine place)...that sort of thing. And becoming a vet is always something i can come back to...i need a bachelors to get into a vet school (its sorta like going to med school, just as hard, fewer schools)... But thats not feasible right now for me. So its hard for me to say just what it is i want to do with my life once i graduate. I would like to do many things. I know i dont want to be the low man on the totem pole forever (and being in the service industry, thats where i am - at least where i work) So. is time for me to try and get some rest soon, as i have to get up sorta early and go to my mom's tomorrow. I get to babysit my nephew there. oh boy...hopefully he will be as pleasant then as he was today when they came to babysit my son. We'll see. Well, G'nite all!

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