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Monday, April 10, 2006

not much to say today

Today was another family dinner night at the parents. It was a nice night, as usual. We did the hamburgers and hot dog thing and it was fun. Logan grabbed the salt shaker and salted his food. And for some reason, the salt shaker didnt shake out its usually piddly amount of salt that could easily be just wiped away, no, it POURED out. All over his whole plate. So i had to get hima whole new plate and give him an empty salt shaker to "salt" his food with. it was cute. He even salted me. And the cat. and the dog. He had fun with the shaker. I stayed later than usual talking with my dad, and logan actually fell asleep on the way home. He sorta woke up on the way in the house and since his diaper was bulging, i went ahead and changed him. he slept thru it. Until i laid him in his crib and then he immediately stood up and started babbling at me. I am sure he was trying to explain that he wasnt tired in the least, but i just wasnt getting it. He is still in there almost 2 hours later babbling away. Why wont he fall back asleep? He recharges quickly i suppose and maybe the car ride home was enough. :) oh well.

So my dad wanted to talk to me about moving in with them. I dont know exactly what we accomplished by talking, since i havent made a decision yet. He seems to think that there is no way in hell i can afford to live on my own at the moment. The sad part is: he's probably right. ANd i hate it. He doesnt want me there anymore than i want to be there, but he is willing to have me stay there for Logan's benefit. Logan would have a nice, big house with a great big yard to play in and no worries about any of that annoying household things we all worry about when living on our own. My dad also said i have to make a decision soon because they need time to accomodate me if i go. My feelings are still the same: i do not want to live there if i can help it. It would be great if things worked out b/t me and joe real soon. But since thats unlikely, i have to get thinking and come up with a decision soon. i am giving my self til the end of april and then i have to have a final decision. if i havent said it already, i will say it now: THIS SUCKS. Although, having it all out in the open does sorta alleviate some stress so thats good.

Oh ya, remember those tests i was worried about last week? The ones i didnt think i would do that good on? Well on one of them i got a 98!! Yae- go me. I rule. I dont know about the other one yet, but at least one of them was good. Well, anywho, time to shower and try to go to bed.

G'nite all!

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