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Friday, April 21, 2006

not much to say today (again)

Well, a pretty uneventful day. really. i cant think of anything interesting to write about. So why write, you ask?? guessed it: I cant sleep. Its 2 in the morning and i am watching the glaad awards. (they award shows that represent the gay, lesbian and transsexual issues). It just came on and i dont care one way or the other really that its on. I dont really watch award shows b/c usually i havent seen anything that wins or even nominated. I watch only a few shows. Right now that includes Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Ghosthunters, Boston Legal and then all the kid shows like Blues Clues, Backyardigans, Jack's Big music Show.... There are other shows i catch sometimes, but i watch these ones ALL the time.

SO i have may a decision about what i am doing about my future living situation. I am going to move back into my parents house in June. I still think its gonna suck on many levels, but i think financially it will be a good move for me. And that will relieve enough stress i think to balance out the stress of living with my dad again. Me and my dad get along fine, but definitely better when we dont live under the same roof. So after a test period a 1-2 months, if things are looking good, we are going to finish the downstairs in-law apartment and give it an actual bedroom for logan. Right now, its sort of like a studio. (it used to be our garage, and we left part of the garage, just big enough for my dad's car & that is what will become logan's room). In the meantime, i will live in the main house. Logan will have his own room and so will i. even tho our lease isnt up until the end of july, i plan to move at the begining of June. I think it wont be as stressful that way as i will have plently of time to come back for things and working out Logan's time with Joe will be easier while he still has a definite place for his son to come to. Joe still hasnt figured out what he is going to do: be it get his own place or maybe move in with someone else.

Lots to still work out, but it is seeming to get better. i still havent been to see anyone regarding my mental health, but i am working on some local options b/c i am just fed up with the run around at my school. Its just too much hassle.

Well, for having not much to say, i certainly have rambled on quite a bit huh?

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