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Saturday, April 22, 2006

no work tonite

I am home on a saturday nite!! 1st time in a long time. I have been getting sick of my job, so when someone was looking for a shift, i gave them mine for tonite. ( i have been ready to quit the last few days, but seeing as how i dont have another job, thats not the smartest move, so instead I took a "mental Health" day)

I had planned to go to the annual neighborhood garage sales this morning, the park, and then the fair tonite. I did the 1st two, but then it started raining, so no fair. And the garage sales this year SUCKED. hard. There was absolutely nothing good at any of them. i did get 2 john grisham books and a war book for my dad and a friend of mine gave me an umbrella stroller, but thats it. I had also hoped to install the gate on Logan's doorway and convert his crib to a bed. That didnt happen either (no one's fault really b/c i just plain ole forgot about it). Then i hoped Joe and I could actually spend some quality time together (since lately the only time that is after 10 or 11pm when we should be sleeping) But...he decided to play cards with the neighbors. "just one hand"...its 920pm. He's been there since before 8. We were going to rent a movie (or something - his idea btw). Now its getting too late for that and since i have to work a double tomorrow, i would prefer not to stay up til 1 watching movies. I am sorta kinda annoyed at the moment.

So, i decided to study for my upcoming exams. I started to get bored and distracted so i thought i would take a break and post something for the day. Actually, Logan got his leg stuck in his crib again and thats what originally distracted me. The leg thing is why we are switching to a bed, in the hopes that he when he decides to lay sideways in bed, there wont be a crib wall to get his leg stuck in. Plus, i would like to have him sleeping in a regular bed by the time we move to my mom's. Just cuz.

Well, i should get back to studying...I hate studying. FOr me, the best way I have found i really retain info is to Write it. And that takes time. And it makes my wrists hurt b/c there is so much with 3 classes. At least only one of the tests is cumulative for the whole semester. the others are just the last few chapters. So thats the bright side i suppose. **sigh**

Ok. off to study. Here i go. really. (believe me?)

**EDITED 1253am**
Well, here it is 1 am and i am still awake. i went to bed a little bit ago, but joe is just snoring too loudly. Oh and we never did spend any time together tonite. Which sucks. But oh well. I think i have decided its time for a new job. I have my sister checking at the hospital she works at to see if there are any openings and other than that i have no real idea what to look for. I will have to start looking into some other options. I know i dont want to be in a restaurant anymore. I want to work somewhere where you are accountable for your actions & quality of your work and so is everyone else. And if you suck at your job- you get fired. Thats how it should be. But its not like that where i work or even in most restaurants around here. Well, thats all for now. For real this time. really really.

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