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Sunday, April 23, 2006

making the switch

My boss is retarded. I requested off Last Sunday and Next sunday. So he covered my shift THIS week. I ended getting to work this morning for someone else, but my evening shift was covered and i wasnt needed so i got an unexpected nite home.

so Out of the blue i decided around 5pm it was time to convert his crib to a bed. We put logan to bed about 2 1/2 hours ago. He wont go to sleep. He goes from playing and laughing to screaming bloody murder. i am really not sure what to do. Joe isnt being very supportive saying that i just went and did it and that he didnt feel we needed to rush into this yet. I need to have him ready to sleep in a bed by the time we move to my mom's. Thats in june. Also, he is at least 36 inches tall and could easily climb out of his crib anytime and land on our tile floor. And he keeps getting his legs stuck in the slats because he tries to lie sideways in bed. I told him a few days ago we would be switching the crib to a bed this weekend. we didnt get to it yesterday, so i did it today. Well, logan is hysterrical now and i know its cuz he is REALLY tired. I have tried sitting in there with him, letting him cry. My parents suggested i just let him be and he will just pass out from exhaustion after a while. Well he is still up. wish me luck .
Ok...I am back. its 1133. I have never actually seen my son go into hysterics. Ever. until tonite. He went from crying pretty bad to practically hyperventalating. I couldnt calm him down, so i brought him into joe (he had just gone to bed) to see if a change of location and a new person would calm him down. Joe brought him in bed with him and held him. It worked only slightly but not really. And then joe said he was afraid this was all just too traumatic for logan. Which of course made me feel like the world's worst mother. Now Logan and I are in the den watching blues clues and he is coloring. He has stopped crying all together but still occaisionally doing the funny breathing thing you do when you have been absolutely hysterrical for a while. (Like i said--i NEVER have seen my son do this and it freaked me out). Now i am doubting if i did the right thing.

I thought he was ready. He lays on the couch and at my mom's house he will chill on her bed with us. he's tall enough and he climbs everything else. The main reason he hasnt climbed out of his crib yet is b/c we turned it around so the really high side was on the outside. He gets his legs stuck b/c he doesnt fit sideways anymore. He has a pretty solid nighttime routine and goes to sleep pretty well and sleeps great once he's down. HE doesnt wake up in the night unless he's really really sick. Was i wrong?

I expected some resistance but this is way more than i bargained for. I should have at least waited until finals were over at school. This will seriously interrupt studying/sleep time. And i am pretty sure i wont have joe's support for this since he thinks i made a mistake. SO iwill be on my own for this transition. And i feel like shit for putting my son thru this.

Well, the world's worst mom is going to try and figure out how to get her little man to sleep. Any suggestions or words of support are welcome.

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