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Sunday, April 16, 2006

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged with my 1st meme by croutonboy

so here goes:

Six Strange Things/Facts/Habits About Me
1. I cannot walk around on tile barefoot. i hate dirt on my feet.
2. the feeling of a hangnail or a peeling nail gives me the heeby-jeebies. Its as yucky a feeling to me as nails on a chalkboard is for others.
3. i pick compulsively all over my body.
4. i played the violin from the age of 8 until sometime shortly after i graduated high school (10 years and i wasnt half bad either). And i miss is terribly.
5. I have pretty bad carpal tunnel in both wrists. (i was diagnosed about 5 years ago & its just getting worse)
6. i drink ALOT of hot tea. like maybe 10 cups a day. (i switch to decaf in the evenings)

Ok, so i cant really think of anything good. sorry.

And now i am supposed to tag others...i dont really know who to tag that hasnt been recently...but here goes:

Saur over at Saurly Yours
Ellen @ the Reign of Ellen
Chris @ the Rude Cactus

And i just cant think of anyone else so there you have it. Whether they choose to go for it or not...

Well, i hope you enjoyed my 1st meme. I am a virgin no longer!

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