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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

how you got here

Well, maybe not you, but some people apparently.

these are some of the latest search engine queries that my site shows up under:
that last one reminds me of something. Yesterday on my way to school, this little old, sweet looking lady tried to kill me with her urban assault vehicle. She was all crouched up against the steering wheel so she could see over it (now i am short, so iwouldnt ever buy a car i couldnt see out of...) and as i pulled out into the lane next to her, hoping to get into her lane once she passed me, she practically swerved into my lane and then slammed on her brakes. WTF? what was she thinking? i have no idea. I finally make it onto the highway. As I am getting ready to exit onto 528E from I95, i am cut off by the guy in front of me. He swerves at the last possible second to get into the exit lane, narrowly missing the cement barrier. This exit is different from most because it is the same lane that cars getting onto 95 use. so you could get into the exit lane and decided not to take an exit and get back on 95 with the people coming down the ramp. So anyway, this guy decides he HAS to be in the exit lane, in front of me, and then...HE doesnt even exit. He gets back on 95!! WTF?? I remember yesterday being rather stressful for me in the car, but i cant remember the specifics of who else tried to kill me but those two.

I hate driving. At least i got my car all fixed up and new tires, so at least my car is safe. now all i have to do is look out for all the crazies out there.

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