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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

grouchy & grumpy

Thats me. I am just not with it anymore. Especially today. I am so friggin tired i cant stand it. Two nights in a row that Logan woke up at 3 am. Except last nite he also woke up at 530 and again at 7. Then he slept in til 11. So now i am sure our schedule will be all screwed up. I was gonna wake him at 930 when i got Devin down for a nap, but i could hardly keep my eyes open, so i passed out till 11 too. now they are both up and devin is wanting something, but truly, not only do i not know what he wants, i cant say i care all that much. Thats not the way i should be, but i cant help it. I am now catching whatever cold devin, his mommy and logan all had. (logan still has it a little). I am just so happy about that. So: last nite, i have trouble falling asleep, then joe comes to bed late and wakes me up, then logan wakes up, then joe starts snoring LOUDLY so i move to the couch, then logan wakes up again, then kathleen is here with the baby. Plus i was coughing all nite long.

The reason i couldnt sleep that well was because, well one- i just have trouble sleeping, and two- It was joe's birthday and he was at my parents, and i was home alone. Dinner at my parents went great. My grandparents were there still, and we had steaks and i bought him a peanut butter pie, and everything was wonderful. Except that no matter where me and Logan hung out, everyone sort of conglomerated together SOMEWHERE else. away from us. I couldnt be included in anything. I asked Joe 5 times to please open the present from me and his son 1st so i could see if he liked it, because Logan was wanting to be free (we were in the backyard, and with no fences it can be hard to keep him in our area, plus they have a BIG pond, so...) he ignored me. 5 times. Everyone was ignoring me. Everytime i wanted to speak with someone, i practically had to hit them over the head. I do not normally have this problem, so coupled with the already down in the dumps feeling i have had for sometime now, i just wasnt in the Peachiest of moods.
So as logan got fussier and fussier, i decided it was bath time. Joe thought it best to just take him home rather than bathe him at my moms. SO..that meant I had to leave. Fine, its Joe's bday, i will go. He promised he would be home soon. that was at 730. At 120am he came home. He also talked to my parents about some things we were not going to talk to them about yet. I will post about that later. I dunno. I am pretty bummed that the counseling center at school isnt taking on my case. I am beginning to think i need it. And now apparently, so does my family. I will get into that later too. Dont feel like it now. Well, thats all for now.

My mom said she would help me today becuase i was so tired and have a test tonite and was getting sick, but it turns out that meant me packing up everything and both kids and going there for the help. i then asked her to just come over and help me with lunch. she said maybe. well its been 2 hours. i dont think she's coming. especially since kathleen gets home at 1 (in 25 minutes or so). whatever. She could've called, but thats my mom . oh well.

i wil post more later. After i get home from school.

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