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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

fate is against me

So, if you remember correctly, i was supposed to see a psychiatrist on Friday out at my school. at 830 in the morning. My sister showed up to babysit around 7 and i took off a little bit later. I paid the 4$ to park and walked ALL the way across campus to the health center. I signed in and waited. After 10 minutes, they called me back and told me that the doctor had just called in to say he wasnt coming. WHAT!!! Man, i was bummed. This happened with the counseling center the 1st time i was to go there, but luckily they called and caught me in time before i drove all the way out there and wasted all that time. So while i was on campus, i got my new student id and set up a phone appointment with an advisor for today (monday). On the way home, my mom had advised i go ahead and stop at the counseling center here in town and set up an appointment. Wouldnt you know it?- they were closed early for the day. See? Fate doesnt want me to get help!

And then today, well actually this evening, i realized i had missed my phone appointment. Because i had to babysit my nephew at my mom's while she went to the eye doctor and the air conditioner guys tried to fix her upstairs air. So i was a bit distracted. Damn it. So now i still have to call and try to reschedule this stupid psychiatrist appointment at school and the advisor too. Dont these counseling people realize that it takes alot just to get up the courage to actaully make an appointment, let alone have it get all f'ed up and then still come back? Plus, scheduling the babysitter and all that is a major hassle. I think i may just ask for my 60$ back and just go with the local place. At least then i save myself the hour drive each way.

Oh- logan said a new word today: Shoe. We were putting on his shoes to walk to his auntie's house and he said "shoooooo" in this high pitched sing-song voice. So i held up his other shoe and asked "whats this?" he said "Shoooeee"...and then i pointed to the one on his foot and said whats this? and he said it again. Of course, he would not do it for auntie. At all. he wouldnt even acknowledge that she was talking to him. oh well. It was cute and i got to see it so...

Well, i have got to get to bed. I hate this insomnia crap. i really hate being tired all the freaking time. Maybe my sister is right and i should start getting up early with her to go to the gym. Maybe that will help. Cuz just getting up early and not taking naps isnt working- obviously- i am still up now. And i drink decaf tea. and no soda. So what next???? Arghh.


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