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Friday, April 28, 2006

exam week is OVER!!!

Yae. I made it thru exams. And i think i did really good on all my tests. Well,i know i did good in one class for sure: i got a 100 in my tuesday nite class (psychobiological aspects of Drug use). I wont know my other grades for a few days tho. And to top it all off, my summer classes dont start until around the 15th of may. YAE!!

So the plan is for next week to find a good psychiatrist or counselor or someone to help me with my compulsive problem. I look like hell right now. There is definitely alot of stress going on, altho now that exams are over, that takes alot of pressure off. And i am only taking one class for 6 weeks in the summer, so that wont be so bad either.

Logan fell asleep on the floor again tonite. So in the 4 nights of the new bed, 2 he passed out on the floor and 2 in his bed. The night he slept on the floor he woke up unbelievably early, so i plan to move him to his bed in the hopes that he wont wake up so early. (we'll see how well that works tomorrow huh?)

Tonight at work i had the chance to train a new girl who didnt suck!! it was great. To actually have someone new who was willing and able to work. She really doesnt need any more training, but its policy to have at least 3 days, i am working to see if i can get her on the floor in 2 days only. Hopefully we start hiring more girls like her and get rid of the ones who suck and are lazy. Thats another thing: the new girl (her name is Kim btw) is anything but lazy. She kept asking what else she could do and what else needed to be done. It was so refreshing. The last bunch of girls i have trained have been stupid and lazy. And i mean really stupid. as in dumber than rocks. You have never seen a bigger group of lazy, stupid girls than where i work. Its shameful really. So that was a nice reprieve.

Anyway, i am going to finish watching Law & Order: SVU and then off to bed. nitey nite

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