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Monday, April 03, 2006

the email i just sent my mom:

mom-hey. it is 317 am . I am awake b/c just as I was falling asleep (late of course) Logan woke up all upset. I tried ignoring him hoping he would fall back asleep, but that didnt work, plus joe heard him and made (asked) me to go make him stop. So i did. And now i am waiting for him to fall asleep again. I think we are close to it, but i am waiting a few more minutes to be sure. Anyway. Tomorrow is going to suck for me. Because you will be bringing devin over as we are getting out of bed. Or before that maybe since logan now sleeps an hour later..and he just got some medicine. Whatever. I am out of milk. Please bring me some so i can have tea in the morning. Please. I will be nicer with tea than with out. Then i want to know if you want to go to walmart or somewhere with me b/c i want to buy Joe a new wallet and also a peanut butter pie-thing. Like one of those reses cakes or something. Anyway. good nite hopefully. I wish i were sleeping now.


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