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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

1st exam & sleep update

Well. today i had my 1st exam. And i think i did pretty good. I figured i only need to make about an 80 on all 3 of my exams and i will still get A's in all of them. That's good odds i think. I am pretty sure i did that tonite. Plus in tonites class, i had a bunch of extra credit so that helps too!

Update on the New Bed:
During nap time today, i think logan thought it was play time. I finally decided (on the advice of my mom) to put my nephew's playpen (its a large one, like the one my son sleeps in at his grandmas) in his room and once i laid him in there, he went right to sleep. Cool. Fast forward to bed time tonite. Logan has not had any crying fits at all. He did however find a way to climb on top of the changing table. I have no idea how and when i went in there to see what he was wimpering about, i saw him laying on top of it. Freaked me the f*** out! SO we moved it against a different wall. Then he got into his closet. How- again i dont know. I was using the old side of his crib sort of as a gate on the inside, so i had to reinforce that with boxes and stuff so he couldnt slide it out of the way. So far, no more climbing or sneaking into places. I am sure tomorrow he will find some other thing i have overlooked. I am afraid he will start using the dresser drawers to climb soon. I just peeked at him and he is laying on the floor. I put a comforter below his bed to cushion him if he should fall. And thats where he looks like he might pass out. Oh well. Hopefully he passes out soon b/c it is midnite and he should sooo be sleeping right now. me too, but we all know that story.

Well, this was just a quick break from re-reading Freud and Jung. Time to get back to the unconscious mind!! Fun and interesting stuff. Really.

Oh- i forgot: here are some easter pics!logan and mommy at grandmas after dinner

One of a few eggs he actually picked up after we pointed them
out to him. Much more interested in just being outside
than finding eggs.

Sitting with Dad inspecting the loot.

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