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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

why wont he eat?

well, my son is growing like a weed. But he doesnt seem to eat anything. He drinks, and drinks and drinks. We give him those nutritional drinks and yogurt fruit smoothies (once we know he's not gonna eat whatever it is we served him). He does eat cheerios, (and a few other dry cereals), dried pineapples and raisins. And cookies and chocolate. But real food? not so much. At my mom's he knows where the drawer is she keeps the chocolate in and that is the 1st place he goes when we go there. Its cute really. But back to the point-- how can i get him to eat real food? I continue to make us dinner and serve it to him. But this has been going on for months...the doctor seems to think he will grow out of it and since he is drinking those drinks and gaining weight... what do you think? Any tricks i can try to get him to try eating? He likes to use his fork and stuff, but he refuses to put it in his mouth. Just thought i would ask around.

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