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Thursday, March 23, 2006

what a day so far

Well. Today is my long day. thursdays are the day that i babysit my nephew from 8-4. And then i go to work from 5-close. Ugh.

My nephew is teething at the moment. And he's got a cold. Add those together and you get one incredibly miserable baby. Oh. My. Gawd. He is now finally sleeping. (its noon). He has pretty much been screaming all morning. I feel for the kid, but geez, it makes me wanna just blow my brains out! Thank god my son wasnt inconsolable like this kid can be. This whole babysittying experience has taught me one Extremely valueable thing: I am NEVER having any more children. Logan will be an only child. That is just all there is to it. All you women out there who have more than one are just insane. I mean, props to you, but you have to be nuts to do this to yourself. Especially if its on purpose. ;)

Thank god Logan has been Soooo good today. We packed up early and came to my mom's (around 920 this morning). He has been coloring and playing independantly all morning. And he is actually eating lunch. I gave him one of those little applesauce cups and a spoon and he actually ate about half of it with the spoon. now he is sorta drinking it out of the cup. He also at 1/2 his peanut butter sandwich. (the other half he fed to the dog. they are now the best of friends according to the dog) He also drank all his milk and never threw any of it on the floor. Yae.

Well, lunch time is about over, so i must attend to the child, and hopefully the other child will stay asleep until Grandma gets back from running her errands or even better until his mommy comes home from work. **Good news update** My sister called and said she might get off early! Yae. Babysitting is such hard work.

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