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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

trouble sleeping

And its not me tonight having trouble sleeping...its logan. Took him to the doctor today and he has a cold. The doctor gave me some cough syrup for him and he looked at the bump on his belly and like i thought, its nothing to worry about.

logan usually sleeps wonderfully. All thru the night and with minimal fuss at bedtime. Except when he's sick. (which thankfully isnt all that often.) So I guess it balances out that when he is sick he refuses to sleep thru the nite and wants to be taken out of bed when he's hysterical. Of course, i indulge him. Because he's sick and i feel bad for him. I figure this only happens a few times a year so i am not messing his sleep schedule up b/c he always goes right back to his normal routine once he's better.

So tonite at 1130 pm i let him back out in the tv room. Figures, i was just getting ready for bed when he started crying. And it was any cry, it was the "i'm being dipped in hot oil and am going to die" cry. You parents out there should know that cry. I know i felt like crying like that when i was sick this last time a few weeks back. so i understand and feel terrible for him. Currently we are watching Blues Clues and he is chilling with his giant winnie-the-pooh on the couch. (i took a picture, when i get them developed, i will post it.) I had already set up my pillow and blanket out here so maybe he will just crash there and we can sleep on the couch. Doubt it , but we'll see. We have to get up early to take my car to the shop tomorrow, so i hope we go to sleep soon. Otherwise we will both be cranky tomorrow. Cranky baby + Cranky mommy= bad day.

My son has recently figured out how to unzip his footed pjs. But not all the way. he walks around with it half unzipped showing off his chest. Its cute. :) i will have to get a picture of that as well. :) Anyway. I also find out tomorrow if any one at the counseling center at school wants or thinks they can do anything for me. I certainly hope so. And in other new news, the people who were looking at the house closed last thursday on it. So i am paying rent to the new owner for the 1st time tomorrow. She was planning on coming by today to get it, and i told her i did not have it, since it is not due til the 1st and well, its not the 1st yet. My lease gives me from the 1st to the 5th to pay it with no penalty, so i hope she knows that. And i have no idea what i am supposed to do with it: mail it? drop it off? The old owner came by and picked it up. (they had a few tenants here, so they just came by on a certain day and got it from all of us). oh well, we will see. Well, i have to go. Gotta cheer up my little man. And hopefully get him back to bed.

nitey nite.

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