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Friday, March 03, 2006

Sick, sick, sick

I am sick. I hate being sick. I am pretty pathetic and whiny when i am sick. Yesterday, i was supposed to babysit my nephew, but that wasnt gonna happen, so we all went to my mommy's and she took care of us. :) but today i had to stay home. my sister came over for a little bit and brought me some medicine and logan some lunch. But she had to go eventually. Now its just me, logan and my fever. My boyfriend has to work late so i wont have any help tonight and that sucks. I've called out of work tonight (and last nite)...I hate being sick.

Well, i have to figure out what we are doing for dinner. My brain feels like jello so this is more difficult than usual.

Update: My sister actually came back and bought logan and me dinner. And then she gave logan a bath. isnt she great? The boyfriend came home, helped put Logan to bed, and now he has gone out with his friends for the evening. While i am happy he can go have fun, i cant help but wish he was here to cater to me. oh well. I should be in bed, but this medicine is making me feel all funny. Plus Logan is still awake in his crib and I want to be sure he is asleep before going to sleep my self.


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