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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

sick again

So as you know my nephew has been sick. Which made him very difficult to babysit. But now he is over it and is way more pleasant (as babies should be). But, it turns out he got my little man sick. I noticed yesterday that Logan was a bit more laid back than normal, but still pleasant and playing and having fun.

We had family dinner at my parents last nite without my parents (they were in Las Vegas). Instead my grandparents were there (dog sitting my parent's crackhead puppy) and we had a very nice time. Logan refused to eat. In fact he had refused any sort of food all day long. But he played and played. He started crawling around the den. He must of done 4 laps. Crawling. The kid never crawled before he walked, so maybe he was making up lost time. Anyway.

This morning (which I again had to get up at 630 to babysit) I noticed Logan again refused to eat. then the coughing started. And then the snot. So i gave him some of my nephew's medicine (it worked great). He was still in a good mood, rather cuddly. But tonite was a different story. Joe said he didnt eat dinner and got a little fussy before bed. About an hour and a half after he went to bed, he had a coughing attack (the sound of it just breaks my heart) and then he started moaning, which was followed by hysterical crying. i broke all the rules and brought him into the tv room with us. We watched blue's clues and i finally got him to take some tylenol and calm down. And after that he went right to bed.

But he's sick and that sucks. Not sure if i will take him to the doctor, it depends on how it plays out. If the over the counter medicines dont work (which they didnt last time) perhaps i will go so he can get a prescription that does. And he has a lump above his belly button that protrudes when he strains... So maybe we will waste many hours in the super busy peds office. *i hate that place. they schedule 3-4 people at the same time with the same doctor. No wonder they have signs that say "rudeness to the staff will not be tolerated and yelling is grounds for dismissal as a patient". If they didnt succeed in pissing us parents off so well, maybe they wouldnt need that stupid sign.*

So anyway. I am just praying that **I** dont get sick again. I cannot afford to take another week off like i did last time. (Followed by a week on vacation)... Well, it is getting late and i am very tired. Maybe joe wont be snoring SO loud tonite. I dont wanna sleep on the couch because i forgot to switch the load of laundry so Joe has clean clothes to wear to work SOOO the dryer is on and that will keep me awake out here. I cant wait til Friday when he goes to the doctor. Maybe they will be able to cure his snoring. That is number one on his list of things to take care of while there.

Well, good nite and sorry for such a long rambling post.

Ps..I think my friend tara had her baby!! Yae. **i think b/c i saw the number on the caller id tonite, and when i asked joe, he said "oh ya, she had her baby"..but he looked confused. So she probably did, i just dont know when. She was due today. **

pps. i found a fun site. its called "church sign generator" check it out. and check out my sign here.

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