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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday AM

Well I had a good St. Patrick's Day and I hope all of you did as well. I met my sister and my mom for lunch and green beer at Dogs and it was very yummy. :)

I have always hated beer. It looked tasty, but i just couldnt drink it. I would get like 3 sips and be disgusted and full. But nevertheless, i have been trying to train my body to like it. (it is SOOO much cheaper and readily available than liquor!!)....So this past week, while we were at Busch Gardens, I drank beer. They give you 2 free samples (small glasses) and i drank both. Then i had another at the hotel that night and some more the next day at lunch. So maybe i am becoming a beer drinker! Yae. Not that i drink that often, but it will be cheaper!!

Anywho...I have to go to a meeting at work. Joe had to work today as well, so i have no sitter. My bosses all told me just to bring my son. This ought to be fun. Well, got to get us in gear - Have a great weekend all!!!

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