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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Later on...

Why does my nephew have to be so very different from the way my son was as a baby? I dont know what to do with him.. My son was nothing like this kid as an infant. My son was really easy going. the only time he got real cranky was before nap time. But he was on such a schedule that you knew what was wrong and that meant you knew how to fix it. My sister's kid is not on a schedule like that. He will be on a schedule for 3 days, and the 3 days on another schedule and so on. My son and I have a routine we follow EVERY day. Always have...i am not good at this playing it by ear thing.

Maybe i am just not a good babysitter. It could be. This kid has been screaming for a majority of his time here today. And its only halfway over. oh god- save me please... I told my sister that i can't do this. Not these 8 hour shifts. She is going to have to think of something b/c i just cant handle it. It makes me grouchy and it makes me not like her kid. And i dont want to be either of those things. I dont feel that bad. No one watches my kid that much. No one ever has. I dont think anyone has ever had to watch him more than 4 hours. And usually sometime in that 4 hours, he goes to sleep. So...This is insane. this kid is still crying. I have to go see what i can do about it. make it stop... Did the tylenol, the oragel, tried a bottle, walked...dunno. He is not a happy camper tho. Cant wait til 4. Then I go to work and wont have to deal with this kid crap anymore today.

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