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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I've been tricked

Well, i was fooled. I usually babysit from 12-4 on thursdays and then i go to work at 5. But last night my sister calls me and is like "so you have Devin from 8 til 4, right?" I'm like, WHAT?!? But what am i going to do, say no. Dont go to work? Ya right. So she shows up at 730am. And guess who else got up then? My boy. Due to Diaper failure.

The Diaper Failure:
I buy the same brand of diapers all the time and i am usually very happy with them. Except for this particular bag. it seems that about 1/2 of them are defective. The tab on the left side rips off completely. When this happen the diaper shifts and there is nothing to catch the pee. So, like this morning, the boy & his bed get Soaked. It sucks. I wrote the company and they gave me points to use on their website. I didnt want points for other crap, i wanted new diapers. they suck. Oh well.

So..i medicated the little one today. He seemed warm and was just miserable. He wouldnt sit still for me to use even the ear thermometer, so i gave him a mini-dose of tylenol. He is now passed out in the playpen. May he stay there a while. I am soo very tired. Well, off to play with my kiddo before he throws something in to wake the baby.

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