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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Getting over it

So...I think i am finally getting over whatever illness has had me down these last few days. Today i woke up early and didnt have a fever!! Yae! I had called out of work last night (they already had covered my shifts tho) so..I have the whole day off to just get all the way better. I didnt work at all this week. I would have preferred to tho, i hate being sick. Joe had to convince me to call out yesterday and today because i felt guilty about already calling out thur and fri. He reminded me that I needed to get better quicker and i wouldnt do that while working. Plus i needed to go to class this week, becuase that is what is really important in the long run anyway. So..

My family are all out enjoying the new Jet Ski my parents bought this last week. They were all bugging me to go since i was actually off...but i told them no b/c if i am not well enough to work, i am not well enough to swim. Of course, now i wish i was there since joe & logan are both in bed. being out in the sun would be nice right now, since i have been in bed for 4 days. Maybe i will go sit on the shore where ever they are riding at and watch.

Well, that is all for now. I need to lotion my nose..i look like rudolph- & it hurts. TaTa

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