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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

the exersaucer

Hello friends. It is a little after 8 in the morning and I am sitting here with my nephew and my son. Now my son doesnt usually wake up at 715am, but this morning he was in there, WIDE awake, calling "mama"...Had to get him. Sister showed up a little before that with her kid for me to watch today. We have discovered the trick to keeping him happy for a while: the Saucer. (or one like it) My son loved his when he was little, and it seems that my nephew does too. The little one also seems to be mesmerized by one of my son's favorite shows: Jack's Big Music Show. He shut right up and started laughing and staring at the tv. Too cute. But now he is over it all, so i must go attend to his little needs. I will check back later.

Edit: Later on in the morning...

Well it is now almost 930am and the nephew is asleep. Apparently he woke up at some very early, unknown hour today. He got VERY cranky out of nowhere. In fact, he was in the middle of sucking down his bottle, and just went hysterical on me. We think he may be teething (& tired) so i put some oragel on his gums and set him in the crib...and within 10 minutes he was out. Whew! One down...So at this point, i decided it was safe for me to go get dressed. I can hear Logan saying stuff like "Mama" but i ignore it and get my laundry together...I wish i had a camera. I came out and Logan was standing in the Saucer. His legs were thru the holes and he the thing came up to his knees and he looks at me all confused as says, "mama" like to mean - please get me out of here, i didnt know i would be trapped if i got in, this isnt fun anymore...-- so i pulled him free. I need to get a camera so i could show everyone these sort of moments.

Well, its time for snack (not that Logan will eat it, he has decided he doesnt need to eat. at all practically. but i still offer him food in the hopes he will do more than just pretend to eat).

Have a great day all.

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