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Sunday, March 26, 2006

another week

Well, it is the end of my work week. Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off from everything (school & work)...But alas, not so this week. My parents are in Vegas. (My mom's friend is getting remarried and my parents are the witnesses, so they are out there having a good time in style) which means i have to babysit tomorrow and tuesday. 7am to 2pm. Seven in the morning. which means my sister will be here around 630. Oh boy. i am excited. we dont get up here until almost 9. For a good reason - i am NOT a morning person. She says my nephew is getting over his cold so he's been a bit more pleasant. We'll see. I should probably get to bed soon.

on another note, at work, you all remember how i became a key employee (a very low-level manager). Well part of my duties included taking some of the things off the big manager's plate like counting the drawers and making floor charts and stuff. Well our GM decided he really didnt wanna give up this control and is now making all the managers count their own money and make the floor charts. What am i doing then? well tonite i was a glorified hostess. I can apply discounts, do voids for checks and talk to customers when they have a problem. Oh i got to cut the floor too. I do that when i am waitressing. And i make more when i waitress. C'mon boss - whats the deal? And apparently we have just lost a few higher up managers at our other stores so we will be in a shortage of managers here soon. I wouldnt be surprised to be passed up only so they can pull up less qualified retards instead of me. I will be pissed if this happens, but not surprised. I think its time i set up another meeting with the big bosses. I tell ya, this place is retarded. Really. This should all be so simple, but for some reason they always feel like complicating it.

Anyway, Thats my 2 cents for the day. Time for all good girls to go to bed so they can get up much to early. Nitey nite.

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