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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


in case any of you didnt know...i HATE getting up early. So i am not exactly thrilled that both yesterday and today my sister dropped her baby off at 6:30 in the morning. He is back asleep now (only for 1/2-1 hour)...And my son doesnt wake until closer to 9. So i was gonna lay down and just rest. But they are getting a new roof next door. (I live in a duplex, so it's like they are on my roof). They started at 7am. How annoying. Ya know when you are tired, things just really piss you off that in reality should only be mildly annoying? I am feeling like that today (of course it probably doesnt help that it's almost that time...)

And of course, i couldnt sleep last night. And i was being so good by going to bed early...and then Joe got home and that woke me, and then he started snoring. So i came out here and read a chapter from one of my textbooks and then it was about 1230am. And then i went to sleep again. I am sooo very tired. Once my nephew fell asleep, my 1st thought was to lie back down like said before, but I am trying to wake myself up more and it is just not working. I feel like i need a good kick in the ass to get me going today. Oh well...Time for me to get back to work...I hear babies moving around..

(updated only minutes later:)
Oh. My. God. it sounds like they are hammering right over my head. How f***ing annoying is that. If they wake either of the sleeping children in my house, i swear i will go out there and cause a scene. (not that it will help, but i will feel better).I hate mornings.

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