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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

why am i still up?

Well, it is 224am and i am still awake. I took more meds and am starting to feel "funny". :) its kinda fun actually. Joe was snoring again even with the stupid strips and while on his side. I just couldnt take it, so i got up and went to the couch. Then the next thing i know, i am wide awake and hungry, so i made myself a sandwich, a cup of decaf tea and now i am here. Waiting for the "funny" feeling to get good so i can try to sleep again. I think that will be soon. I am just killing time now. Gonna smoke one more (i know i shouldnt smoke at all, and its a stimulant, but i think the drugs will overpower the nicotine). Sorry to keep you so up to date on my inability to sleep at night, but is driving me crazy. (i am having trouble typing now..haha)...You'd think i would be used to the insomnia, since i have suffered from it for as long as i can remember. I used to read to myself in the dark when i was kid. I would use the excuse that i was afraid of the dark so i could leave my bedroom door open and the light from the bathroom would shine right onto my bed. and there i would read entire novels. I did this for a few years until my parents updated my bedtime rules (late junior high-ish) and all i had to do was be in my room, in bed. the light could be on and i could do what i wanted, as long as i got up for school. which i always did. funny how at 16, 3 hours of sleep doesnt affect you, but at 25 it certainly does. well, time to sleep. Can't fight the drugs anymore. good nite. for real this time.

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