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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stupid Drivers Should be SHOT

I hate stupid drivers. I mean really, truly HATE them. I beleive they should be dragged into the street and shot. Really.

So i am on my way home from a nice afternoon at my mom's with my son. As I am approaching the Publix, some jerk-off decides he is gonna pull out across traffic, but instead of stopping in the median, he keeps going, and then thinks better of it and stops. BUT at this point he is completely in my lane of traffic. I had just started to slow down(because you just never know) and then i slammed my breaks and came to a skidding, screeching halt only inches from his car. I was on the horn the whole time. I couldnt swerve b/c there was traffic on the other side of me, and if i swerved toward the median i would have hit oncoming traffic, so...Once i stopped, the asshole STILL didnt start moving. I renewed my horn-honking and began wildly gesticulating and yelling from inside the car and FINALLY he drove off. And guess what kind of tag the fucktard had on his car? guessed it: DMV

In a few minutes I have to drive 30 miles to school. i am just oh-so-confident now. Wish me luck.

ps. if i had hit that guy with my son in the car...after i called the emergency personal necessary, i would have kick this guys ass. I may be a small woman, but I am ferocious when it comes to my kid (and my own) safety. I actually hoped he would turn into my neighborhood so i could at least give him a peice of my mind. Its probably a good thing he didnt. asshole.


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