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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

snoring and sleeping (or not)

Why must men snore so loudly?? I usually go to bed after my sweetheart, so he is already full-blown snoring by the time i come to bed. I have trouble enough falling asleep in a perfectly quite and dark room all by myself, but with him honking away next to me, its virtually impossible and just makes me more awake. So, here i am, in the den, on the computer, getting ready to sleep on the couch yet again. I know i could always kick him out, but he is so hard to wake up it's just not really worth it. I have a hard enough time getting him to just roll over. Plus he'll have the argument that he has to work, so he needs a good nite's rest and since he is bigger than the couch he wont get it there...ok. He has a point. I am 4'11 and he is 6'8. I do fit better on the couch. And actually, it's quite comfortable. My sister gave the couch to me, and she broke it in for me. :)

As for the snoring... those strips only cut the volume down a little and the sprays dont work at all. For christmas, i filled his stocking with snoring remedies (ok, so they were really for me.) When we first moved in together, he didnt snore. As the years went by, he began snoring more nights than not and its gotten progressively louder and more annoying. How do i deal with this so i am not spending more nights on the couch than in my own bed? I wonder how my grandmother sleeps next to my that man can snore. You could hear him over a jet engine. I have trouble sleeping in the same house as him. Dunno how she does it. She used to tell me "you get used to it"..but i am not. In fact, it bugs me more every nite. Rolling him on his side, kicking him, whatever- it doesnt work. I am at a loss of what to do. Maybe i should just start going to bed earlier than him...ya, ok. Dont see that happening without medication. Not sure i wanna go that route either (not that i have insurance or a doctor to prescribe me meds or anything anyway). Looks like i am sleeping on the couch til i figure something out.

i want to sleep like he does....

(isnt he cute? this is from when he was still able to go in his
playpen, at 10months or so)

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