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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

playing hookie

Well, not really. I really don't feel well tonite. I have spent the last 3 or 4 hours fighting off the urge to get sick. I've even had the weird sweaty feeling that goes with it. I dont know if its just a touch of whatever my son has, or if its b/c i am so very tired from last nite's late nite wakeup session. Either way, i am not going to class tonight. Plus, my boyfriend has to work late and i have no sitter, so i would be screwed either way. Lucky for me the next test isnt until april and this teacher pretty much follows the notes during lecture (which i have) and i have a friend in class who will fill me in on what i miss. I better be ok by tomorrow. Tomorrow's class is all about the discussion. You HAVE to be there or you are f***ed. His tests aren't hard, per se, but they definitely cover what is talked over in class.

Anyway. I am going to try and make dinner for me and the little man, even tho the thought of food isnt really going over well in my tummy. I feel very yucky. This sucks. Luckily, it seems that logan is feeling somewhat better, and his fever is gone from this morning. Well, catch up with you all later.

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