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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

oh. my. god.

Hello. i know what you are thinking: i cant sleep. Well you are part right. I actually WAS asleep. Since 11-ish. Then at exactly 138am, my son went hysterical. goodness. What a sight. I teneded to the man for about 40 minutes personally after i tried to get him to lie down on the couch with me 1st for a while. Now he is in his crib, alone, with his music on and ALL of his stuffed animals and a bottle of water. Its not much better. He went to the doctor today because the other day he had a fever, and he had diarrehea (tmi, i know) for 2 days. Today he was sniffly w/lots of snot and coughing an occasional deep cough. When my kid's sick he usually just lounges around. today, he's been hysterical all day. the doctor said there is nothing wrong with him. My kid doesnt go nutso for what is now goin on 24 hours for nothing. NOt like this. i know that kids his age greak out, and he does. beleive me. but not like this. This is very very out of the ordinary for him. Well, it sounds like he's working up into a frenzy, must reset music soon too. I want to go back to sleep. i want my kid to feel better and go back to sleep. God must think i dont need the sleep or something. *sigh*

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