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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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So, i aced my last test in the class i had the midterm in tonight. Thats reassuring since much of the material for the midterm came from the 1st test. I think i did good. I finished in record time. Even the teacher was shocked. It was 40 questions, and it was all multiple choice. And i read really really really fast, and i take tests just as fast. I am not one of those people who freak out on tests. In fact, while i was waiting for the test to begin, i wasnt even doing any last minute studying like everyone else because i had already crammed today. I either know it or i dont. Especially in a class like this...Its regurgitating facts. You can either do it or not. SO i dont worry about it.

Anyway. Tomorrow i start my work week again. Hafta babysit too. Not too bad tho, 12-4. I have to find some time to get in my online classwork..but i think i will be ok.

I plan on sleeping in bed tonite, i took some sleep-aid to help me sleep thru the snoring, the dog and the bird, so it should be a comfortable nite tonite.

on another note, there are some changes ahead for me. Not going into them now, but I do know the people who came to look at the house are buying it, so my lease is definitely going to end in July, so moving and living arrangements are something i have to start looking into. (dreading this)...I have some thinking to do in the next few months that i dont feel like adding to my growing pile of things to worry about, but such is life. I guess I am on the down cycle, just waiting for the up side to come back around my way. No worries for now. Life is as good as it gets i think for now.

I am sure there are more interesting things for you to be doing good nite. Have fun.

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