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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

my day

So my valentine's day was nice. I had a big test that i think i did good on. Then i ate dinner at my moms (just me and her) and then back home to my man. We had already exchanged gifts tho.

2 days ago, when i came home from work, i opened the door and there was a gift bag with balloons tied to it right in the entrance. awww. (keep in mind, my boyfriend doesnt usually celebrate this day or remember to buy me much) He got me some candy (in a heart-shaped box), a monkey that plays music and a token to redeem for cocktails. It was sweet.

So, since i had no idea what to get him...the next day, i went to walgreens and got him a card, some reeses cups (his fav) and some liquor. I packed it all in the very same bag he gave me and left it for him to find when came home from work (i know..not very original- usually i do better, but i have been so busy).

Anyway, i waited til tonite to redeem my token and we spent the evening watching Boston Legal, drinking and having a little quality time. It was nice. I think it was the 1st v-day he outdid me. I am quite impressed. Lets see how he does for my birthday (which is on Easter this year)..he's so bad at holidays in general. :)

Oh well, i still love him.

Even tho he snores so VERY loudly and i will probably end up on the couch again. :)

Well, i am off to bed, maybe the alcohol will help me sleep thru it all (probably not tho) Good nite!

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