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Thursday, February 16, 2006


So, i went to have my taxes done yesterday. My sister's boyfriend's dad is who i go to. Very nice man (nice family actually), who gives us a "family discount" on the price because his son dates my sister. Very nice. So it doesnt cost us much, which is nice, and he knows how to do that whole earned income credit thing that i find so damn confusing. Last year, i claimed Logan and we got what was to date our largest refund ever. But this year, i didnt make much money because for most of the year i didnt work so much. But Joe made the right amount to get the max EIC. So he is claiming Logan this year and we are getting about $5000. OMFG. Wow. I am so excited.

Granted, 1/2 of it is already "spent". We are fixing my car. It hasnt had a tune up in...oh i dont remember the last time, plus it needs tires and things could be broken. So we plan to dump a grand into that. (hell, we own our cars, no payments...gotta keep 'em running). Then we plan to buy a computer. Yae. And maybe a new tower for this one i am using now. Maybe, depending on whether we can find any deals. And we already got my mom to use her credit card (since we dont have one) to buy us tickets to a concert we really want to go to in April. (it was a special presale thing thru this radio station doing the concert. its one of those all day, lots of bands things..We used to go every year until i got pregnant and couldnt afford it anymore. But our birthdays are in april, so its a bday present to ourselves. Cant wait.) Then the rest of the money will be split up to: save!, put some in Logan's account, let joe open his own checking account and get a secured credit card (he needs to build credit- he has NONE) and possible buy ourselves a new desk and/or entertainment center. (cheap- garagesales even...the ones we have now cost us $15 total and are all warped and the entertainment center doenst even fit our tv).

But it will actually leave us with money in our savings account. Money more than 50$. Money that will actually be able to help us if we need it. Saving money is one of those things we arent so good at. We dont spend much on crap or going out, we just dont have much to put aside really. Its been a very slow thing for us to do. (5 or 10 here and there). So this is a good thing.

So, i dont usually talk about that sort of thing, but its on my mind and its important to me, so i thought i would share it with you all. Arent i nice?

I am sure some of you have noticed that i am not big on punctuation or capitalization. But i am big on spelling. I dont feel that you will miss the point if i dont capitalize the word "I" or put an apostrophe in "don't". But i want my level of education to show as far as things like my spelling or using "an" versus "a" before a word. I am retarded that way. sorry to any of you that have pet peeves about this sort of thing. I know i am a spelling retard. It bothers me when things are spelled wrong, or if certain grammatical rules arent followed. Just not these ones. :) I also rarely spell "night" correctly, preferring "nite". Sorry.

I also tend to ramble on. This would be one BIG paragraph if i didnt go back afterwards and break it up into smaller, easier to read sections. That's something i am working on. Breaking up my posts into paragreaphs that are easier on the eyes. I know how ugly it is to not have paragraphs. I will try hard, i promise.

So, anyway, here i am: its a quarter til one in the morning. Why must i have such trouble with sleep. Add to that- my boyfriend sounds like he is trying to inhale the whole room with his snoring...Its just impossible. But i still get up early with my son. Even when i worked in an office and was up every day at 6am, i still wasnt in bed before midnite. I just cant get tired early. When i worked Graveyards at denny's that was the perfect schedule for me. Too bad the rest of the world operates 9-5. My mom says my internal clock has never been "normal" and she says its cuz i was born at 2 in the morning. And all the night nurses would keep me up playing with my full head of hair. (hair they could already put into a little Pebbles hairdo)...And since she can remember, i have always been a nite owl. My sisters on the other hand were born in the normal morning hours and are, hence, morning people. What do you think? Does that sort of thing just come with you when you were born? Does it matter what time you were born? My son was born just before midnite and if allowed would stay up till 11 or 12 at nite and then crash. Even now, he goes to bed at 8, but plays in his crib for at least an hour, sometimes 2. Sleeps in til sometime between 8 & 9 in the am. I think its a good theory. and for me, no amount of sleep training or waking at the same ungodly early time has ever fixed me. So i think i am just screwed. I take certain medications sometimes to help me sleep, but i dont like sleeping pills. They completely knock my ass out and i wont wake up (say if my son wakes in the nite) and i feel like crap in the morning. Things that relax you (like say, a valium (a friend who is prescribed them was kind enough to let me try a few) or something in that area) are good- they make me sleepy, but i can function and i can wake up in the middle of the nite. they dont knock me down and when i wake up in the morning, no matter the time, i feel fine and rested. Maybe b/c they are only supposed to last a certain number of hours and arent designed to put you under? I dunno. Are there doctors you can see that would prescribe something like that to help me sleep? I need to find out. If so, i should go...Well, i took something tonite and they are working (woooeee) so if this post is a little out there, well. sorry. I am feeling good right now. Good and tired. Tired enough to sleep thru joe's snoring. SO that is what i am off to to do. Wish me luck, and sweet dreams to all of you. Ps..go wish TLP some happy thoughts. Read her post and you'll see why. My thoughts and feelings are with her at this time.

Nitey nite all.


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