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Monday, February 06, 2006

i'm icky.

Well, how are things going for you all this fine monday after superbowl? I am very tired. I had to wait for Logan to fall back to sleep last nite after coming home from my mom's, then i couldnt sleep, then Logan woke up around 3am and i had to get him back to sleep, and then my sister was here at 630 this morning with her kid. Yae. It's 11am now and i still feel like crap. Logan slept in til i woke him up at 10. So it was easy at first. I am not sure what devin (my nephew) wants right now...he's entertaining himself for a minute in the playpen..(a very rare thing indeed).

So i managed to piss off my sister (the one without the kid)... I got upset with her for not wanting to hang out with me at all lately. She doesnt feel like being around all the kids. I sorta understand,, becuase i had certain friends i wouldnt hang out with b/c of their kids...but my sister used to hang out with me and logan. Now she doesnt want to. Especially since i have Devin too. my mom doesnt really like to make plans with me either. Or when she actually makes them, she breaks them. I have no friends. (i have work friends, but thats different- they dont come to my house). Really. I must have some special form of SUCK going on, because i have no one. Joe doesnt even really like to hang out with me. All i have are the kids. oh boy. I mean, do i suck that bad? It does certainly bum me out when i think about it tho, so i try not to. When i get bummed, all i want to do is sleep. I wont acomplish anything: no school work, no house work, no errands, nothing. So i am going to go see why this child is crying like someone is kicking him...its so hard being 4 months old... :) Jeez.

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