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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

i WILL sleep tonite

So, i have decided to medicate myself tonite. I deserve a good night's rest in my own bed. Cant wait to go to bed...meds are starting to kick in. Yae. So i think i am out of whatever that funk was the other day..Today was a good day. I took my son grocery shopping, and then to the park for a while. We had lots of fun. And when we came home and he went down for his nap, i actually got some school work done. Wow go me. And then i took a nap. It was so nice. And last night i cook a late dinner for me and the boyfriend and it came out soo good i actually ate it again for dinner tonight. yumm. I also got some dishes and laundry done too. I think my problem is "girly-related". It seems that i get awfully depressed at certain times of my cycle. Is there meds for that? I am sick of pill-swapping. i really hope my man gets that vasectomy in april and i can just get off the pill all together. I think i would be much happier. At least with the one i am on now, it doesnt give me migraines. That was hell. I dont think i would wish a migraine on anyone, even those people i hate. I used to get them at least once a month for about a month and in the last 4 months since i started this new pill, i have had only one, and it was due to stress, not hormones. Yae.

Oh - i dyed and cut my hair. I am going back to have it cut again, i want more layers. I love my hair. (i liked it before, but change is fun!)...ANyway, boring post. I wonder what keeps my few readers around. Are you there? All 3 of you? :) Thanks for sticking around. Love the company. good nite, time to let the drugs do their thing.


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