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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

how some folks got here

Well, i decided to see what kind of searches brought people to my site again this week:

Nothing too weird this time like "breast feeding prejudice" or anything. But it is need to see what will bring up my site.

In case any of you were wondering, i use SiteMeter to track all this stuff. It can tell me who comes by referrals, by location, ect. Its fun. Anywho.

Not much to post about right now. Me and Logan slept in til about 915 today. I am still pretty tired tho, i couldnt sleep last nite, and i ended up on the couch. again. Altho, for some reason I woke up when Joe was leaving today and moved back to the bed. So the alst 3 hours of sleep were really good. Big bed, all to myself.

Well, if anything exciting happens today, i will post, but otherwise, i have some cleaning to do: a home inspector is coming today (apparently someone is interested in buying this place)...and i have a test tonite in one of my classes. So...good luck to me! Have a great humpday guys!


Wednesday. The "hump" that you have to get over in the middle of the week before you can cruise downhill to the end of the week.

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