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Monday, February 13, 2006

hello again

I realized that i havent posted in a bit...I have not been sleeping since wednesday...(see TLP's comment on the previous post if you are confused)... But i have gotten some sleep and its been nice. I got to sleep in the bed friday and saturday nite while my boyfriend slept on the couch. Its been nice. :) I have been busy working and studying for my (big) test on tuesday. Not much to post about really.

So instead, i will post a picture of my nephew. He's gotten so big and fat! It just seems so cute because he started out so small and had a bit of trouble getting going at first. He is so healthy and adorable! So, enjoy!

this is how he started. (i like this shot, with the blue lighting from the just looks neat)

And this is him now. He's so happy and has such a nice smile.

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