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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

good food

Even tho earlier i was feeling crappy, i just whipped myself up a super yummy dinner.
I am not much of a cook, but i love this so much, i will share it with you. these are not exact measurements...i just sorta wing it each time

All i did was:

Melt some butter and saute a large clove of chopped garlic,
then i added a (drained) can of chopped mushrooms
added some salt and pepper & some chopped onions (dry or fresh- to taste)
1/2 bay leaf
about 1/2 cup of white wine

let it cook on low covered for about 15 minutes

Now turn up the heat to about med to med-hi (depending on your stove) and reduce the wine to about 1/2 the volume you started with. Once this is done, remove the bayleaf and add about 1/2 cup of sour cream and mix it all up...and tada !! a very yummy sauce to go over pasta or chicken.

While this is going you should make some sort of pasta you would like this to go on op of. (egg noodles are good, but any work) I usually make this same recipe but usually with the chicken it it.. i like thin sliced chicken breasts with it, you just start the same, but before adding the seasonings, wine and bay leaf, you brown the chicken real quick on both sides, then add the seasonings, pour the wine over top and the cover. Once chicken is done (a little longer: 20-25 minutes) take it out and continue the recipe.

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