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Thursday, February 23, 2006

chewbacca talks and other random stuff.

See what Chewy from star wars has to

Got the link from Woodge who got the link from Mr. Nice Guy over at the BlogFathers.

Pretty funny if you ask me.

Oh, and if you like Sudoko puzzles, Saur recommends this site here.
(i am not too good at these, but the beginners are kinda fun)

I found another site that gets my blood going. Its called Feministe. I may have mentioned it before, but i havent added it (or many others, for that matter) to my link list yet. They post some pretty intelligent things over there about current events (mostly concerning women or human rights). Good read tho.

I noticed i got a whole bunch of hits in the last few days, and a bunch of comments. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Always love to feel semi-popular. And welcome to any newcomers, hope you continue to want to read about the boring things i post about here. :)

thats all for now. Had a crappy nite at work...I hate lazy people. They suck. Hopefully i will go to bed soon and can start all over tomorrow. Have a good one!

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