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Sunday, February 19, 2006

2:01 AM

So. I cannot sleep. First, i had one of those pre-sleep dreams that disturbed me. It was of me, my boyfriend and our son on our way to tampa for our family vacaction (my parents, sisters and all the kids & boyfriends are going in march..yae)...and in the dream we get into a car accident. I wake up in the hospital and they tell me my boyfriend didnt make it and that my son is in surgery and that i am not out of the woods yet either. I flash forward to being home, very depressed and crying. i dont know if i have my son or not. SO....What a horrible dream right? ugh. So that didnt make it very easy to get back to sleep, but when i finally started to, this stupid dog started barking. He does it every night, only I cant always hear if from my bedroom. tonight i could and it was annoying. this dog howls. Over and over, every 5 seconds or so. Oh well, i get over that and some dumb bird starts chirping. This bird is very excited about his new home in the tree right outside my window, but doesnt he know that birds are supposed to sing in the morning?!? Not in the middle of the night. To top it all off, my boyfriend wont stay on his side. He is insisting on sleeping on his back and snoring. And he's making other wierd breathing noises. It was just too much. So now i am out here. With you. Except i am going to sleep on the couch tonite and you probably arent.

What sucks most is that i work a double tomorrow. So i want to be sleeping now. And i probably wont get a break. And i wont get to see my son. :( We had a good day today tho. We went to the park for about an hour and a half today with his auntie and cousin. He was content just sitting in the grass and hanging out. He was very low-key today. When we got home, we played with his blocks and he played on me. (like i was his jungle-gym) was fun too. Then he went down for a nap and i was at work by the time he woke up. He was asleep when i got home.

He has this other new game now. I dont know where he got it from. My mom thinks it started when she started putting things in his shirt pocket, but i dunno. He wants to take his toys and put them down the front of my shirt. The 1st time he wanted to, i let him just so me and his dad could see what he was trying to accomplish (plus he laughed every time and it was very cute, now i am not so sure). And then he would fill my shirt up with his toys and i would let them fall out the bottom and he would very matter-of-factly put them back. Well the other day, i was in the kitchen and he was at the gate holding this block up to me. I took it and he whined, so i gave it back and he held it up again. So i balanced it on the gate, and he whined and held it up again. I couldnt figure out what he wanted. The whole time he's saying "momma"...So i bent over to see what he wanted and he grabs the collar of my shirt and tries to shove this block down a very tight fitting shirt. I said no, and he FREAKED out. He doesnt want to play this game with anyone else. Just me. What is this? He's so weird.

So did i mention he had a full blown temper tantrum the other day? We were trying to go shopping at publix and he just absolutely had a fit every time i tried to enter the store? I shop there all the time so i wasnt gonna have him screaming like a wildman thruout the place, so we ended up going to my mom's to eat, but wow! Never seen anything like it. Another new thing: the other nite, when it was time for bed, i handed him his bottle of water (i know..he shouldnt have a bedtime bottle anymore, but oh well), and told him to say nite-nite to his daddy and go to bed. So he walked over to daddy, gave him a kiss, and then actaully walked to his room and waited for me to pick him up and put him in bed. He was ready i guess. He went right to sleep that nite. It was so cute.

So anyway. I am going to try and get some sleep now. I am finishing my chamomile tea, maybe that will help. *sigh*

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