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Friday, January 13, 2006

we should impeach today

Read this over at the Online Journal. (for some reason the apostrophe's on the site have been replaced with question marks...sorry)

Got the link from the Impeach Bush Coalition.

Why the Democrats should impeach Bush/Cheney today
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Contributing Writer Jan 13, 2006, 01:14

Yes, Martha, I understand that US Representative John Conyers (D-NY) has filed an �impeachment resolution� (HR 635), plus two mentions for censure (HR 636 and 637) in the House Judiciary Committee. The impeachment resolution lays the foundation for bipartisan impeachment proceedings, which by the way is my first problem with it. Asking the Republicans to impeach Bush/Cheney is like asking the chickens to swallow a two-headed fox. But it�s more than that . . .

The editor of Online Journal, Bev Conover, explained it to you once in �Here We Go Again With The Censure Nonsense�, "Censure is a tool Congress uses to reprimand one of its own, usually for an ethical violation not a prosecutable crime."

Get it. We�ve got a prosecutable crime here, and then some. The Democrats, the Democrats, should properly file for formal articles of impeachment ASAP, like now, as Evan Augustine Peterson III, J.D., also wrote in his recent email to some 89 writers, including the editor and this scribe, on the necessity of impeachment. Then let the Republicans show their colors.


So don�t DeLay, excuse me, delay Miss Nancy (D-CA) and Mr. Harry (D-NV), you-know-who-you-are. Don�t wait for the 2006 elections. And thinking maybe we�ll sweep the House and Senate, in the name of the father, son, and holy polling machine, or maybe we�ll just win one of them or none of them.

Here is your chance to really wake America. Here is your chance to take the true moral high ground to out the criminals, who have been categorically declared such, brazenly admitted such, and been judged by legal scholars and legislators. as well as those 89 journalists and 14 websites, to be legally qualified for impeachment and summary ejection.

Now you can take it to Bush and Cheney, and the mobsters behind them, for insisting that a president can unilaterally order wiretaps on American citizens without any judicial oversight, even if warrantless domestic wiretaps are clearly prohibited by law. Why, because he/they say so. He, they would have you believe Der Bush has the Power! And unless you want some in your face, shut up and drive. Who asked your opinion?

In fact, since when do the American people have a say in matters of life, death, war, peace, outing CIA personnel, torturing prisoners (excuse me, enemy combatants), hundreds of billions of dollars of misappropriations, taxation of the poor, relaxation to the rich, and so on. Don�t get me angry or I�ll tell you just how low we are in the administration�s estimation. And just how stupid they think we are. Here�s a chance to show Bush just how smart we are, America, Nancy and Harry, and just how moral we are. Let�s take it to them. And why, bottom line, really why?

Because these guys are nuts and can blow up the world tomorrow, that�s why. Dr. Strangelove lives, on Pennsylvania Avenue. He has many guises, as many as they have talking heads. They�re pointing nuclear missiles at Iran as we speak, North Korea next week. They�re got biowarfare labs nestled all over the country. Recently a female employee who worked at one in Florida threatened to send anthrax to her real estate agent because he wouldn�t handle her rental house. She subsequently was canned and apologized. But that�s what you�re dealing with. She�s out there with a plastic bag of plague, looking to rent her basement.

Then you have the chemwarfare gang who can stink up your neighborhood with death any minute.

Go read the

Very very well written. I wish i could make everyone I know read it and actually understand it. Unfortunately, most of the people i know either could care less about all this political stuff, or the ones who do care, are on the other side. ;)

Well, happy reading.

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