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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

tues nite...and when to move to a big boy bed??

Well, today went a lot smoother than I anticipated. I have noticed that lately, i havent been keeping up with the news as well around the world...of course that may well be due to the fact that I am so busy with school, work and kids i have no time to really delve into all those other issues. I know they exist, but i have no time to really sit and come up with something informative/interesting to say about it. Oh well.

So, my boyfriend is going out of town tomorrow night and doesn't return until Saturday morning. **sigh** It might be a nice break from each other tho, so i am ok with it. Things havent been bad, but they could always be better, right? :) My mom actually agreed to watch my son thursday night while i work, but that means she wont help me out with babysitting my nephew like we originally planned (its a 8 hour day with the little squirt)...because she would just be too tired. Oh well, I can still go to work and make some money this time. (last week, i ended up paying my sitter half of what i made because it was so horrible at work both thur and fri, and i know this week wont be any different, so i would just rather call out if my family wont babysit for me for free...) My sister (the one with the baby i sit for) hasnt decided yet if she will do Friday. She did pick up tonite (for school, which got canceled so it was only like an hour) and she is doing tomorrow...(which wont be long either...) So, we'll see.

And then Saturday, after work, I am supposed to go to my best friend's birthday party for her and her husband (their bdays are like 4 days apart)...So i will need to pay a sitter then, since it will be late. **sigh** Its one of things i have to go to...SO... altho, its nice to pay a sitter to do something fun once in a while and not just work/school. My friend did say i could bring my son, but what is a 1 1/2 year old going to do in a house with a bunch of drunk people very late at night? Um, no...Thanks tho. haha. Her baby is only a few months old and can sleep anywhere, i dont have quite the same scenario. Mine isnt even in a toddler bed yet.

BTW-- when is a good time to switch from the crib to a big-boy bed. My mom and I were planning to do it soon, so he could start sleeping in the bed they have at their house, since the (large) play-pen he currently sleeps in is getting too small. I bought a special gate for his doorway to keep him confined to his room, should he get up with out me knowing it...I plan to completely reaarange his room and all of its contents to be more friendly to a curious little boy...Any other suggestions? Its a big step and i am nervous of course. And his daddy doesnt see the point in it just yet. what to do? :)

Well, these posts have been boring lately, so I apologize...Life is just routine at this point.

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