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Sunday, January 22, 2006

a slightly better day

So, I know i said i wouldnt post about work anymore, but just this one last time.

Today was a bit better than the last few days. Not my morning shift (we were all ready to just quit), but for the second shift (yes, i am a retard and agreed to cover my manager's shift tonight) went a bit better for me. I got to be in charge, and i got an hourly wage plus a cash payment. It was worth it. The one thing that bothers me is that all the "high-ups" at work have been blowing smoke up my ass that I am going to be pulled up into "key employee" status (thats like sorta a manager) for the last few years. Of course, i have been passed over by many. Some were qualified and some definitely were not. But they have no problem letting me cover their shifts when it is convienent for them. I wish they would just train me properly and let me have the title and the proper pay (altho i make out better this way...) just cuz it would feel better to me. I know that being a manager in a restaurant isn't always worth the pay, but I am one of those people who manages well, (i do it anyway), and really think i could turn things around where i work. Things have been going down hill since our best manager got promoted and got to be GM of his own store. (good for him, bad for us). Plus, i like being in charge. I am a born leader.

But anyway.

Tomorrow i babysit for the nephew, but it is supposed to be a shorter shift than usual, so it shouldnt be too bad. Maybe both kids will nap at the same time so that I can get some homework done. Otherwise i will have to wait til my little guy goes to bed for the night. And i hate studying at night, i get so easily distracted. Oh well, i should be fine. Well, my sleepy meds are kicking in, so I think I will go turn in for the night.

Good night all!

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