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Friday, January 27, 2006

sleeping alone

Well...the boyfriend had to go out of town for business this weekend, so I have had the bed to myself...its been nice. But i like it better if I am going to sleep alone, to know he's at least somewhere in the house. Oh well, he should be home tomorrow morning. I dont really know why he didnt just come home tonight when he was done with his testing (he's only a few hours away), but oh well.

Work went much smoother this evening. Thank god. I think i would have killed myself if it went like last week.

So yesterday, i did a sort-of irresponsible thing...i went home from work, and let another girl work my shift so that my mom didnt have to babysit. Of course, my mom never told me to come sister did..but i thought she was talking for my mom when i called to get their opinion of whether i should come home. Not that i dont need the money, but then again, i didnt need the money...Oh well. I enjoyed my extra day off. I think i needed it to get a fresh start on work this week.

Well, got to go. Good nite.

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