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Thursday, January 19, 2006



That is how i feel today. It is only the 2nd week of school, and I know this will be a long semester. Not that any of my classes are exactly too hard, but I am also working and babysitting my sister's baby, so its alot of things to juggle. I do have to say, however, that i find that I am a much better student in my 2nd go-around. :) I guess i know now what i have to lose if i dont do well. And i am very determined to finish.

ok, ready for a rant? here goes:
This week, a friend of mine moved back to town. She had moved to try and make a better life for her and her family, but it didnt work out. I am not sure if it didnt work out because it just didnt, or if her actions had anything to do with it. I didnt think so before she came back, but now...She came back to fix her life, and get back on the right path. Well, she arrived at my house in the evening and was all sorts of out of it. She claims it was the stress of the drive, and her "meds" messing her up...(she likes pills...alot). She had many important things to do the next day, and i tried to wake her 3 or 4 times, she didnt wake up til 4pm. Ok, thats fine. She had also been invited to my family's weekly dinner. She accepted, and my mom cooked an extra large dinner to accomodate. After my friend spoke with her mom, she told me she wasnt able to make it to my dinner, but maybe she would come later, because she had to go to her mom's to take care of something. After i got home from dinner, i called her mom's and turns out my friend told her mom she was at my mom's. So. We didnt see or hear from her for 30 hours. I still have no idea where she was, and tonight she was supposed to come get her things from my house. 2 hours after I called her and she said she was coming, she still hadnt showed. So i left for school. When i got home, i called her mom's to find out what was going on, and her mom told me that she had just left for my house. It is now 4 hours later and she is not here still. I called her mom about 2 hours ago and told her mom that her stuff is out on my front porch and will stay there til tomorrow and then if it is still not picked up, i will just throw it out. Her mom said she totally understood. I am just really over being lied to and I dont like feeling like i am being taken advantage of. I had told my friend i would not do her any favors by driving her things over to her mom's for her, and that she needs to come and talk to me, because if i am her friend, then i am entitled to that. Still nothing from her. I think i have reached the point of just writing it all off. I am done. Not that i have that many friends really, but it just doesnt seem worth it.

Ok, i am done ranting. I feel better. Well, not really. I wish i knew what was up with my friend. But I have more important things in my own life to worry about and spend my time on.

WEll, it is very late and i have to get up early to finish my reading for my online quiz tomorrow. Good nite all.

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