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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Seems like...

...the world is against me today. Everywhere i went today had an unbelievably long line with minimal workers (the bank, the post office, the grocery store). I never did get my stamps. the line at the post office went out the door! I went to the grocery store for stamps next and the lines were waaaaay to long, plus thru all this Logan wasnt very pleasant. The bank wasnt too bad, but i did get the new teller. Who didnt like to listen to what i was trying to tell her. Had to repeat myself about 5 times. argg...Before all this i thought i would let Logan run around in our pretty sparse mall. After i shopped in the bookstore. Well, he had a fit, and while he was screaming i just left. So no new book, no running around the mall, and our errands were NO fun.
We were hungry, so I pulled into the Burger King drive-thru (the line was long here too, but it went quickly) and all of a sudden Logan started to play and be good again. Hmmm...I dont give him fast food that often, but his favorite thing right now is the chicken sandwich. He doesnt eat the bread, but he eats the whole chicken patty. And that is a pretty big sandwich. And now he is filling up on french fries. I am so glad he has his appetite back. :) Of course, now he is deciding to be a little more picky than he used to be. (for example, he used to love squash and sweet potatoes, and now he wont even look at them) In fact, he doesnt like most vegetables any more. He likes corn, and sometimes eats carrots....

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