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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

ok better now

Ok. Sorry about that last post. My nephew fell asleep and now its just me and Logan. He's sorta eating lunch. not much of appetite with his being sick and all. I just got a little overwhelmed i guess. Happens when I dont get enough sleep and my stomach is all messed up. dont know why my tummy is yucky, but...I know why i am tired. I stayed up late catching up on all my shows...i love havinga dvr... then Joe was snoring unbelievably i slept on the couch but i had trouble falling asleep. Everytime logan coughed, i woke up. Poor hid has an upper respitory infection. When he coughs it sounds like he's choking, its a really dry hard cough. I hate seeing him sick. Altho this is the second time he's been sick, while i havent. Even his daddy (who never gets sick) has been coughing a little. I used to always be the sick one, passing it along to all i knew..but maybe Krittiegerms are no more...That would be neat.

Well...thats all for now. Gotta catch up on my homework.

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